While thinking about what the name of my blog should be, I found myself staring at my bookshelf for inspiration. I am not the most creative person, so it was a little difficult for me to create a name out of thin air. But as I was staring at my bookshelf, I found myself thinking I would like to have more books here at Duke. The majority of my books, including my favorites, are at home on a larger bookshelf. As I was thinking this, I pictured the library from my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. As a child, part of the reason I loved this movie was the library. I always dreamed of having a library as large and beautiful as Belle’s in my house. To remember the scene better, I looked up some videos of it on YouTube. The name for my blog, blog and the beast, was just a result of all these thoughts.

Although this is a bit more personal than Mr. Spectator, I thought it would be a better way of engaging the rest of the class as readers. While I enjoyed the Mr. Spectator stories, I found him difficult to relate to because he was so detached. The Foucault reading got me thinking about how I would relate to this blog as an author of it. As an author, I did not want to be detached from my work as Mr. Spectator was from his. I wanted the work on my blog to be an accurate representation of myself, and I feel like my love of Disney movies is a first step in that direction.